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-Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the grave,
where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor




Dear our visitors, colleagues, and friends!


Let us welcome you to the "WOLFHAN" LLC site.

Just recently mega-events have passed through and all of us have entered into the 21st century, so long-awaited and promising. Everything happened so as science fiction writers predicted – people fly to stars, everybody has telephone in the pocket, computers become smaller and faster, and motor-cars – more functional.


Establishing the "WOLFHAN" LLC Company early in the 21st century, we had our mind set on becoming a leader company by the end of the century, leading in the following fields of activity:


- Production:

  • Production of workshop containers and nonstandard equipment;

  • Production of hydraulic and press-forging equipment;

  • Manufacturing of metal-working equipment components;

  • Manufacturing of machines and their component parts

with the "WOLFHAN" trademark.


- System integration and engineering, including with the use of robots;


- Distribution of high-tech equipment;


- After-sale and post-warranty support.


We are a collective body of like-minded young persons joined together by common ideas and by a wish to work for the good of our country and for the benefit of our Company.

Our capabilities have been realized in many projects and proved by recognition of our customers, as well as by patents for inventions and useful models.

We are eager to acquire knowledge and implement it in our work and life.


We concentrate our efforts on final results.

As the main criterion in our life, where the major part thereof is our work, we consider three basic principles of our business: HONESTY! REPUTATION! RELIABILITY!


Honesty – first of all, with ourselves.

Reputation – for the outside world.

Reliability – for our customers and partners.


Originating from these principles is our corporative slogan: REPUTATION OF RELIABILITY!


Cooperating with us, carrying on negotiations, and entering into contracts with us, you can be reliant our partner - "WOLFHAN" Company.